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Unit Two:
The Ancient River Valleys:
Geography and Civilization
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Claim: How do geography and environment impact civilization?
Topic One: Geography and Civilizations
Geographic Features That Affect Development (Blank) (5)
Fertile Crescent Article (10)
Important Points (34)
Latitude and Longitude Map (2)
Time Zone Map (4)
Political and Physical Map (6)
Geographic Features That Affect Development Article (7)
Fertile Crescent Map (11)
Mountain Ranges Map (8)
Grades 6 - 8 Conversation Stems (1)
Blank Map of the World (9)
Mesopotamian Civilations Organizer (3)
Interactive Map Organizer (Blank) (12)
Interactive Map Organizer (13)
Map of Mesopotamia Website (14)
Life in Mesopotamia Website (15)
Characteristics of Civilization Chart (Blank) (16)
Characteristics of Civilization Chart (17)
(Ancient) Mesopotamia
Ancient Egypt
Climate Zone Map (5)
Major Rivers Map (7)