To all of my Students and Parents:
This web page will allow you to connect to
the information you need in regard to Map
Skills. All you have to do is click on one of
the links at the bottom to access all of the
various web pages, notes, videos, and
games on my website for more information
on Map Skills. I have color coded the links
for your navigational convenience:
are active links and
Red are inactive links.
Map Skills
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Lattitude/ Longitude Video Game
Map Skills Main Points (Part 1)
Map Skills Power Point (Part 1)
World Map Video Games
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Map Skills Video
Treasure Map Project Directions
Treasure Map Project Rubric
Atlantis Cartoon Video
Atlantis Video Link
Mermaids Video Link
Map Skills Textbook Scans (Part 2)
Map Skills Quiz Vocabulary (Part 2)
Map Skills Workbook Scans (Part 2)
Map Skills WB Scans w/A (Part 2)
Map Skills Power Point (Part 2)
Lattitude/ Longitude i - Touch Map