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To all of my Students and Parents:
This website will allow you to connect to whatever
information you need in regard to my classes. All you have to
do is click on one of the links located on this page to access
any information that you may need for my classes.  The
various web pages and links are color coded for your
navigational convenience:
Green are active links and Red
are inactive links. If you have any other questions, please
send me an e-mail at:

Thank you for visiting my website and your interest in my
class. I hope you enjoy it!

- Mr. Sortina
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Upcoming Important School NEWS:

Interim Reports will be issued during the week of February
5th - 9th, 2018.  There will be NO SCHOOL the week of
February 12th - 16th, 2018, due to Mardi Gras Holidays.
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The Study guide for Ancient Greece Chapter 6 has been
loaded to the Ancient Greece page
.  I have not updated the
entire site today.  It will be updated over the weekend, but
you can get your study guide now.  Also the test will be
moved to Tuesday...  Have a good weekend! - Mr. S